Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The State of the Garden

We got a little too eager and ate the four small ripe strawberries before I thought to snap a photo. They were delicious and made me think I planted too few plants. 

The tomato plants I purchased from the organic nursery in town at the Homewood French Market. 

The view from the hammock. I love the privacy the tree canopy provides. 

A sever thunderstorm took the large majority of the lilac blossoms and turned them into a cushy looking carpet.  

Taking over for it's spent lilac neighbor, this bush that I believe to be honeysuckle is making gorgeously sweet blossoms. 

One of my favorite parts of growing flowers is having fresh cut flowers in the house. Thankfully, the precious owner of Shangri La House planted a lot of flowering plants so I can cut guiltlessly. And Galileo loves them, too. 

Rawr! I'm a dragon!

Some perennials I split in the large stone planter in our front yard. I also sowed some herb seeds in the empty spaces and their tender shoots are beginning to show promise. 

After tasting this juicy and spicy delight, I know I didn't plant nearly enough. Yum!

All in all, the state of this garden is happily making progress. 

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