Friday, August 9, 2013

Living The Dream

2013 has been rough so far. We've had enough insult and injury for a decade, it seems. No day is without it's little earthquake or heartache.

During times like these, I find it difficult to answer the question we hear a gazillion times a day "How are you doing?" Lately, I've taken to responding "Living the dream!" 

Sure, sometimes it comes out a little sarcastic but I am sarcastic.

In addition to being sarcastic, though, I am intensely aware that I really am living the dream, even on days it seems like a nightmare.

I have the amazingly good fortune of being married to my best friend on this planet with whom I feel a sense of safety I never thought possible in my previous life. Even when we are upset with each other, the sense of permanent, persistent love is palpable. 

I have the incredible task of raising five beautiful children, each with their own set of needs, talents, and proclivities. I remember once asking God to "expand my territory." Boy, did He! Even on days when my patience has grown thin, I am amazed by the immense love I feel for all of them, mine or not, and grateful for the assignment.

I have a challenging and interesting career. I am able to learn something new every day. I am able to effect change in increasingly larger ways. I get to work in partnership with one of the best companies in the world. Even on days when it feels like I could drown in the politics and the normal goofiness that every company spews, I am in awe of what I have been able to accomplish in spite of so many roadblocks, and excited about the many opportunities that my future holds.

I have a home that I love that is so often filled with laughter and smiles. I have an exceptional community of family and friends who challenge, support and love me. 

As I write this all out, I am overcome by my incredible good fortune. Although I won't promise not to ever say I'm living the dream sarcastically, I can promise to be thankful every time I do.