Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Road to Roller Derby Begins With C25K Day One (Could also be titled "Ow! Ow! Ow!")

Although I don't believe in making New Year's Resolutions, I do believe in striking when fancy hits. Recently, I decided I needed to seek out some new experiences and get healthier. I decided to do roller derby. No, I am not a particularly good skater. No, I have never done it before. I've never even been to see it.  But the women I know who have been involved are the most vivacious, wonderful, supportive, incredible women I know and I am drawn to them.  I want to be one of them, a woman who really grabs life by the balls and lives the crap out of it.

But. (I never allow the kids to give me a "but.")

I'm not ready yet.

I've done some homework and it seems there are a few roller derby clubs near me, which is the first requirement. It also seems that those clubs are tryout clubs, which would require a certain level of fitness and skill on my part before I could even think of it.  I checked out the Fresh Meat File over at and it seemed like the best place for me to start was to build some strength and endurance.  Enter C25K.

C25K is a running program that has been around for years.  C25K (Couch To 5K) is designed to take a person from couch potato status to being able to complete a 5K in 8 weeks.  It's done by starting slowly and ramping up as the runner becomes stronger.  Day One consists of a 5 minute brisk walking warmup and then alternating running and walking on 60 second/90 second ratios for 20 minutes, finishing with 5 minutes of brisk walking for a cool down.

There's a bunch of cool app's out there to aid the would-be runner in their C25K endeavors.  I used C25K Free for my first venture onto the track. It worked well, allowing me to use an iTunes playlist from within the app, alerting me when to run and walk. My phone battery died in the last 5 minutes of the workout but by then I was on the cool down walk.

The road to roller derby begins here.

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